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944. FlowerLand International
Subject: Home-based positions for you.

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Dear, A
American trading company is looking for honest candidates.

FlowerLand International is an american trading company.
We specialize in all kinds of flowers, decorative plants and greenery that can be used for home or office/business.

This is an entry level opportunity in the field of financial services.

Part-time employment.


- Basic knowledge of credit principles, bank services and operations.
- employee must be honest, intelligent and dedicated.
- Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously along with meeting deadlines.
- Ability to work independently or in a team environment.
- Having no problem with the authorities.
- Having a functional bank account. Company account is an advantage.
- Having a cellular phone.
- Having a deep desire to achieve business success.


$30 000-$60 000/yr


- No sign up fees.
- No investment required.
- Covered expenses.
- Illness\disability friendly team.
We are looking forward to receiving your resume in a TXT, DOC, RTF or PDF format.

Please send us your resume to


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