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928. Levi Blount
Subject: Worlds Largest TAX FREE e-Lottery!

Global, Home Based Internet Business!

Can you afford to spare less than 2 hours a week??

Are you looking for that extra income??

Have you heard of or played in the UK National or Euro Millions 

Do you have friends that play the Lottery??

Would you like to play in the Worlds Largest TAX FREE lottery??


Let me introduce you to the business world of the elottery...

I run an online business promoting the UK National and Euro Millions 
Lottery, for 5 pw people are entered into both the Wednesday and 
Saturday Lottery draw and are given 88 Lines to play with!!

Yes... you don't get that measly 1 = 1 Line or 5 = 5 Lines

5 = 88 lines!!!!!

That's a 3600% better chance of winning when you play with the e-lottery

Like I mentioned before, I run this as a business and you can to! There 
is a large commission scheme that comes with this business that creates 
multiple streams of income...!... Automatic income!

This is a large UK based company that have been operating for over 4 
1/2 years and have paid out over 2.5 million in commission to its 
affiliate members.

So you see... I not only play the UK Lottery, I also make an income.

and this is what I'm selling to you!

This is a GLOBAL Opportunity, you can operate this anywhere!!

I will tell you everything you need to know and more to run this very 
successful business. I will guide you through signing up, helping you 
to sign others up, how to promote your business and everything else...

I'm there for you if you join me!

Q. What potential is there?

A. 70% of the UK's adult population play the Lottery on a regular 
basis, so yes, loads!

Just think how many people you know that play the lottery! Most 
countries charge up to 60% tax on lottery winnings! This is a 100% TAX 
Free winning!

Do you have any questions?? Feel free to e-mail me direct and I will 
help you in every way I can! I promise that to you!

Together, we will succeed and be secure in our futures


Levi Blounn

Commercial email
Sun Towers Building, 1st floor, Office #39
Betania, Panama City, Rep. Of Panama
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this messa1e as partmof an opt-in list. To discontinue subscription
reply with only the word 'discontinue' as the subject to:

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