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890. Martin Smith
Subject: Your Compensation Funds

First email

Dear Azzzzz Bzzzz,

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your e mail this afternoon and to acknowledge that my boss,Barrister Riggs left USD$ 850,000.00 in certified bank draft check for you with instruction to give to you before he travelled to Chile. Since you are not coming to Benin to collect it, then, please send to me with immediate urgency the following details:

Full name:
Current postal address:
Present occupation:
Office /Mobile Tel numbers:

The above information is needed to register your check for courier despatch immediately.

Please note that you will have to bear the cost of despatching your check to you in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Also note that I cannot deduct a cent from your funds because it is a sealed and packaged check and only payeable to you.You have to make arrangments for paying for the courier delivery here in Benin as soon as confirmation of your ID is received.

Your urgent response is very necessary, as your check is supposed to be cleared this week.

Thank you

Mr Martin Smith
(Confidential Secretary)

2nd email:

Dear Mr Bzzzz,

Thank you for your email. Listen, this is a certified bank check made out for you. I was just told to deliver it to you when you ask. The standard policy here is to send such high risk and confidential documents via courier.
This is Republic of Benin. We dont have an efficient regular mail system, and that is why most of our official communications go through email these days.
I dont know what you mean by scam in getting your check sent to you.
The cost of this courier despatch is $240 only and you have to look for a way of sending it to the courier that will take responsibility of getting this check to you before this week runs out so that you can cash it.
I can take whatever gift you provide me after you get preferably in kind, not in cash because it is very risky here to take money from clients as gifts.
If you are satisfied with what I just said you let me know so that I can have the diplomatic courier that is here reach for information on how you can pay them and also give you a tracking number once your parceled check has been despatched.I trust you know that your check was made out last week, and checks have periods of validity.

I await your response.

Martin Smith

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