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873. Mr D J Shaw

D J SHAW & Associate
Solicitor and Public Notary

Dear friend,

Many apologies that I had to send you this email without a prior relationship between us; I have however contacted you with the hope of presenting you as the new beneficiary to my late client's deposited consignment with a security firm valued at $25million presently in Holland.

This is as a result of the fact that you bear similar name to that of the deceased.

I bore in mind your personality and reputation of which the same apply to me, on this light I then deemed it fit to assure you that the consignment will be cleared in accordance with the firm's operational procedures to ensure the transaction success without a breach of the law as the personal Attorney of the deceased.

One thing is certain, whom ever I present as the new beneficiary is bound to be approved coupled with the name similarity and the relevant legal documents that I will get to back you up.

If this is okay with you then get back to me so that I give you more details.

Delivery can also be facilitated to you if you are unable to travel.

Your commission out of the $25million is 40%.

I will want you to get back to me as soon as possible with this my more Secured email address if you are willing to assist in getting these funds:


D J Shaw


My position as the personal attorney to the deceased gives the transaction the certainty of successful completion.

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