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842. Church Outreach
Subject: Church Outreach

If you are serious about outreach, your church must reach visitors.

When someone visits your church for the first time they have taken the first step.

They are saying,"We are interested in your church."

Are you going to meet them half-way or is the unspoken message, "If you want to become a part of the church here fine; but do not expect us to go out of our way to help you."

Now, I know you would never say would not even think that. But, when someone visits a Sunday morning worship service and no one from your church follows up with them, that is exactly what you are saying.

You need a simple but effective way to contact them and let them know you care.

REACH OUT! (the resources that has helped hundreds of churches grow) will show you EXACTLY what to do to "Crack the Code" of a great outreach ministry.

In Him,
--Curt Gunz

Here is the link for more information

P.S. Do you know all nine "Secret Codes" for a great outreach ministry? I bet "Secret Code #6" surprises you.

Great Commission Resources P.O. Box 534 Lake Jackson, TX 77566

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