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830. Dr. Henry Seely
Subject: if you can be trusted

Attn: Dear,

I am Dr. Henry Seely, before anything i ask if you can be trusted, because one of my late friend deposited the sum of US$3,000,000.00 in a Bank here in Europe, and i went to the Bank in order to be sure if the said fund is still with the Bank, and the Bank here in europe has assured me not to be worried about anything that all i needed is to forward to them my full banking information where the said fund will be transferred to, and i told them that my Late friend did a contract in your country with you, that before his death, he wrote a well that the sum ofUS$3,000,000.00 should be transferred into your account.

Furthermore, all i needed from you is truth and honest, because i donít want any delay in this transaction, so as soon as you read my mail, do not fail to reply me with your direct telephone and fax number together with your full banking information so it will enable me to forward it to the Bank for them to notify you for onward transfer of the fund, for your information, the sum of 30% will be for you, why the balance 70% will be for me after the transferring of the fund to your nominated Bank account. Finally, i will be looking forward to read from you,and please do not fail to reply on time, so the fund can be transferred to you before the ending of this week.

Thanks and God bless.
Yours Henry Seely.
+44 703 183 9266

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