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826. Staats Loterij
Subject: Your email has won a Microsoft prize:

Dear beneficiary,

We happily notify you of the draw of the Email Lottery Ballot - World Gaming Board Sweepstakes program held on the 07th of August, 2006 at our Lottery office complex in Den Haag.
Your email address attached to our Lottery payment order, had the following details:(i) Ticket Nr.: DZS-NED 338-691-BBT/2006; (ii) Lucky Nrs.: 11, 18, 25, 43, 56, 77, 89; (iii) Reference Nr.: MST/18436/DZS-NED;(iv) Batch Nr.:KNED-LOTT 5196 72X5G; which consequently won you this lottery in the 1st category. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of One Million Euro only, in cash, credited to your File Reference number as quoted above. This is from a total cash prize of Fifty Million Euro only, shared amongst the fifty winners in this category.
A total of 500,000 email addresses were entered for the Email Lottery Ballot - World Gaming Board Sweepstakes International. All email addresses entered for the game were submitted by our partners; International email service providers from over 140 countries that are listed, online and were thereafter randomly selected systematically through our Electronic Random Selection System (ERSS).
Microsoft Corporation, to encourage some individuals with websites and email addresses promoted this lottery which takes place at this time, of every three years.
The payment authority of your prize - One Million Euro only - already paid and insured in your name with our Paying bank will be issued to effect immediate / swift transfer in the mode you will prefer and nominate, upon satisfactory report on your identity verification and validation recommendation by our Claims Department. Email addresses registered with false names are not eligible to claiming this prize.
We are proud to inform you that, over 200 million Euro are won annually in more than 140 countries worldwide, as a result of our promotional programmes.
Due to the mixup of certain names, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential until your claim has been processed and your money paid to you. All winnings must be claimed not later than 30th of August, 2006. After this date, all unclaimed funds will be withdrawn.
To file for your claim, please contact our Claims Department: Tel. +31 64 493 9745 ; email: ; Contact person: Dr. JACQUES HERMANS for your identity verification, while quoting: (i). Your full name(s) and Nationality;(ii). Reference Number and (iii). Batch Number:

Congratulations once more.

Faithfully yours,

Mrs. Colleen van Ken,
Lottery Coordinator.


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