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1050. John George Taylor

Dear sir,

Best wishes and greetings from London! I crave your indulgence to give me the benefit of attending to this mail.

My name is John George Taylor. I am the younger brother of Mr Charles Taylor,former President of Liberia. He is presently being held for war crimes at The Hague, Netherlands for aiding and escalating the civil wars in the countries of West Africa several years ago.

The reason why I write you is to seek your co-operation in the investment of some funds belonging to my family which is presently in my custody since my brother is expected to be in jail for a long while. The funds are presently being kept safe in a Bank here in Europe.

I chose to contact you based on the fact that I can't trust anyof my brother's aides and associates since most of them have at one point or the other betrayed the family trust and confidence. I have therefore chosen to find myself new friends and business associates. Infact,I need people I can really trust and confide in to develop mutually beneficial business relationship as I know that your country's economy is doing reasonably well.

I look forward to your response if you intend to get into business with me. You might as well send me your telephone number for further discussions with regards to the above subject matter. Feel free and get back to me as soon as possble with this

Remain blessed.
Yours truly,
John George Taylor.

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