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1016. Charles Brooks
Subject: 81 Matching Bonus Checks for you!

Hi fellow entrepreneur!

How would you like to take the monthly checks of 81 other people and have the amount of their check added to yours? Imagine - if just 3 of these people were earning $500 per month, that could be an extra $1500 a month for you! What if you had 5 people earning $1000 per month? $5000 a month would be added to YOUR check! Do you want to know more?

You bet you do!

Here's how it works: With the exclusive new pay plan of our company, you will be entered in our powerful 3x4 matrix system - and be automatically qualified to earn up to 100% matching bonuses on ALL 81 people in the 4th level of your matrix! It won't matter if you sponsored these people or not. In fact, it won't matter if you NEVER sponsor anyone in this program - you can still earn up to 81 matching bonuses!

Believe me, this unheard of offer is going to bring people into the program like bees to honey. Everyone will want to collect their 81 bonuses each month, so they are going to stay in this business for the long term!

How much would you invest in a program that could easily earn up to $1 million or more per year with minimal effort? $500? $1000? Sure, you say but I just don't have that kind of money to get started. Well guess what! You can get started TODAY for LESS THAN $50!!!! Here at last is a system that almost anyone can afford.

By activating your Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership today, YOU could be on your way to earning $1/4 million, $1/2 million, or even $1 million per year! . You can get started right now by visiting . Go through the free tour, Then choose your Silver, Gold or Platinum member package and click the button to receive your Free bottle! Don't miss out on this serious offer. Join us today! This is one opportunity you just can't afford to pass up!

Expect Success!

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Betania, Panama City, Rep. Of Panama
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