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796. Zavala Simon
Subject: get employment

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Oleg Krotniy, Director of DiaWest LTD . We have proved professional skills to our local customers and work on international markets already, I mean your country. Unfortunately we have faced some difficulties while receiving payment for our software in your country as we do not have a bank account to accept wire transfers and can't accept cashiers checks and money orders as well.

At this time we are unable to open our own bank account in your country. If you are looking to make additional profit we will accept you as our representative in your country. You will keep 8.5% of each deal we conduct. We plan to forward our merchandise in exchange of wire transfers and check payments. Your part is very important: accept funds and forward it to us. It is not a full time work but a very convenient and fast additional income. Being our agent may grow into future branch opening in your area if you are interested and the business will be on up and up.

Please respond ASAP and you will get additional details on how you can become our representative. Joining us and starting business today will cost you nothing, just some extra income for you.

Oleg Krotniy,
Director of DiaWest LTD. Marketing Dept.

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