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761. Dr Pius Arinze

From Desk Of Dr Pius Arinze
Operation Manager Global Basic Courier
Company Cotonou Benin Republic Sarl
104 Akpkapka Road Cotonou

Attention: Dear Client.

This are to acknowlegde the receipt of the information we gathered this afteroon due to the delay in delivering of your Cashier Bank Draft worth of $800.000.00, Sir/Madam Be informed that this office only demand the sum of $180 as shipment charges for your package We don't as you the Secretary of your friend for $580 only what we asked for is $180 as your Bank Draft shipment fee and Vat.

(1)Your Bank Draft delivering cost is $80
(2) The VAT $100
TOTAL: $180

Please bear with us and comply for the delivering of your Bank Draft it is now in our Custody for delivering since the Boy Registered your Bank Cheque here we only told him to pay the shipment fee of $180 not $580. So we understand this afternoon that the said boy is trying to thief your $580 what we asked him to pay is only $180.

Don't send any money to the Boy he wanted to take his own share from you, That is reason why he asked you for mailing fees $580 instread of $180 we asked him for. If you real need us to deliver your Bank Draft to you comply with us immediately.

Please we want you to reconfirm your Home address/Telephone number to able us get in contact with you once we arrive in your city with your package. We are ready for the trip to deliver your Cashier Bank draft to your city,All we need from you now are as detail below.

(1) Your Home Address...........
(2) Your Home Telephone number.........
(3) Your office Telephone..............
(4) The Shipment charges only $180.......

Forward those information to our Customers Service Center with email address below.
Contact person : Mr Ebele A.Chide
Tel: +229-97-980-632

Please reconfirm those information to us to able us know where our Diplomat/Agent will locate you on his arrival. We don't ask the Boy for $580 what we asked him to provide is $180 which is our normal charges for shipping packages.We need your cooperation from now as we are afriad of this your partner Secretary.

Please don't fail to reconfirm those informations to this company as soon as you get this message.

Our shipment is $180 Not the $580 that the thief told you.

Awaiting for your urgent response.

Remain blessed

Dr Pius Arinze
Operation Manager Global Basic
Courier Company Sarl
Tel: +229-93-208-220

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