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744. Naval Inservice
Subject: Just us

My Committee is in charge of paying all consultants and service providers that performed various services for the UK Navy in terms supply of building materials and consultancy and services,supply of logistics materials and equipment,research and procurements etc. I am an American war Tactician station with UK Naval Bases charged with the responsibility to make recommendations to the Naval Board as to the above providers.

I got your contact in my search for a reliable person in your area of specialisation. Your organisational would fit into my perfected plans.What I require from you is to stand in as either a service provider/consultant for the Navy and I place your name on the list of service providers to be paid.In the Navy we have a wide range of service providers, so you can fit in any category.

All you have to do is to tell me what your field of specialisation or business is and I fit you into the list of consultants. Once the money is released to you by the Naval Board. You and I would share the proceeds from this deal.

Get back to me with the following email:
so I can furnish you with appropriate details.

Capt. James Toesing

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