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681a. Damon Riggs
Subject: Completely Safe...NO Side Effects


What if you could fool your brain into believing that you are full? Amazing, but true!

Imagine the weight that you could lose if you could JUST REDUCE your appetite. This miracle drug has been around for thousands of years but only recently has it been made available to the general population. Hoodia is an ugly cactus that grows deep inside the African Kalahari desert thriving in extremely high temperatures. The San Bushmen of the Kalahari, one of the world's oldest and most primitive tribes, have been eating the Hoodia plant for more than 100,00 years to stave off hunger during long hunting trips.

After 30 years of scientific research, Hoodia is finally available for modern man!

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You've seen it on "Oprah", "60 Minutes" and read the BBC News report . now find out just what everyone is talking about and get yourself some Hoodia Maximum Strength today!

681b. Madeline Flynn
Subject: RE:discreet orders


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