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Subject: Alliance & Leicester Customer Notification: Data Confirmation Tue, 18 Apr 2006 22:54:25 -0800

Alliance & Leicester phish

"Annie croaked. angel datum Is that what it means?

When Paul had dropped over to see him one day, he had found Gary's shades drawn and a black crepe fluff on the door. He opened his eyes and saw she was pointing a shotgun at him. Yes! Another was running a tripwire across the stairway. and yet also frightening, with undertones of guilt and blasphemy. and he was coming more and more awake all the time, and at every second the dull sorrow settled more deeply over him, the awareness that his darling was gone. Misery had entered the rosy summer of her pregnancy, morning sickness behind her, the final rising of her belly and its attendant discomfort still ahead, and she had cheerfully sent the two men off for a week of grouse-shooting and card-playing and footballing and heaven alone knew what other masculine foolishness at Oak Hall in Doncaster. craze

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