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636. Cash-Transfers Inc. 2006
Subject: Regional Sales Support Specialist Required

Cash Transfers message

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636a. Malissa L. Jackson
Subject: good job.

Dear Sirs!

We are USA company mainly working in financial field.
Now we are enlarging our presence in different countries and for this reason we are
looking for representatives in United Kingdom.
We are stable and solid company. We are looking for drivers, managers, managers of
transfers, office managers.
There are a few outstanding requirements for candidate - reliability, honesty,
diligence. This is not MLM kind of work.
If all this is about you and you are interested to invest your time we would be
glad to get in touch with you.

To start the registration as Financial Manager, please fill in our online

In case you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us -

Malissa L. Jackson
H.R. Manager
Independent Business Solutions

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