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635. Jackie Ladd
Subject: fw: ...

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"If you had died, I should have died with you,»he whispered. Eye on try to understand March showed a white-water stream rushing pell-mell between snowy banks.If someone noticed a light in my cellar, they might stop to investigate, driveway chain or no driveway chain, note or no note. And guess what? I wouldn't be a bit surprised. He liked to sit and watch the water come up until it covered the piling. Simply to create that roundness. In the ashtray was a book of matches, but there was only one match in it — all she had allowed him. "Well»she said, not looking at him, only at the wall, "after that I hardly saw the movie. The IRS

635a. Marian
Subject: the game is started


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At times I was pleased, to annoy him, to tickle him, to teach him to do somersaults.
Hath been—most familiar bird—.
Proudly, fearfully, hesitatingly I exhibited him to my friends..
It might be the one little bite.
just talking about heaven..

Vern Kinsella

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