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592. Vision International Group


The financial-consulting company "Vision International Group" is glad to greet you. We are a new financial company with the main office in London.
Our company needs safe representatives for the security of our sales payments.
In this letter you can read additional information about work in USA with Vision International Group. Sales representatives (managers, financial assistants) for the realization of financial and trading operations with our partners are required.
Duties of sales representatives in USA includes the reception of money resources from buyers and their sending to London. The full control of realization of financial operations and assistance in their realization.
Daily hundred monetary operations from $400-$40,000 passes through our company.
You will have to receive the money resources from our buyers and send it on system Western Union to London within one day for processing. The faster you work, the more money resources you will receive and the more earnings you will get.
Please, do not send your resume, if you suppose you will be unable to carry out each operation within one day.
Speed is one of the most important things for our company, however, we offer not 5% as usually but 10% from each carried out operation.
Western Union fees are also paid by us. Working with our company is the most profitable work we offer in USA, you can receive as many money transactions as you will be able to carry out and earn 10% from each transaction.

In order to start working with us, you need to follow the instructions below.
Forward your resume with the following information for fileing and registration to email:

a. Your personal information (First Name, Last Name).
b. Your address (Home & Office).
c. Phone number where you can be reached.
d. A recent passport photograph or a Drivers License.
e. Age.
f. Marital Status.

The most important is your vigor, skill to communicate and desire to work in one of the conducting financial companies.
During work you will receive consultations from our managers.
At an initial stage you will be a partial employee (not a full working day). As you will be typed experience volume of work, your salary will be increased.
At first time you will receive to youself up to $3000 per transaction depending on the volume of transaction and transfer.
Your earnings depends on you only - the faster you will send the money to us, the more transactions you will receive.

From each carried out operation you will receive 10%, you will leave to yourself this sum and be obliged to send other sum on system Western Union to London. We compensate for all your expenses. As we guarantee to you such amount of works, that your payment from the very beginning will be not less than $3000 USD per one month and it will grow in process of your promotion in our company.

During 2006-2007 we plan opening a network of offices and representations for USA territories. Best sales representatives will be invited to work in these offices on higher posts.
Vision International Group Offers you to begin the career in the large international and known company.

Contact us:

Signed By,
Mr. Clement Graham.
For Management.

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