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555. Microsoft
Subject: New Microsoft Windows Updates HSBRSWDQKX

New Microsoft Windows Update Security. For Next using your Microsoft Windows Copy you need to verify your email address and receive activation code for your system

Final Step

To verify that you own this e-mail address, click here

Microsoft Windows Security Update

If clicking on the link above does not work, try the following:

Select and copy the entire link.
Open a browser window and paste the link in the address bar.
Click Go or, on your keyboard, press Enter or Return.
Make sure to sign out of Passport and also clear your Browser "Cookies". You may be asked to sign in with a Microsoft .NET Passport. When you get prompted at this screen make sure to sign in with your original Passport account not the email address you just changed it to.

Note to Hotmail and MSN users: If you are using a Passport account other than the one you used to receive this verification e-mail you must follow the Troubleshooting steps above to successfully complete your e-mail verification process.

Do not reply to this message. This e-mail message has been sent from an unmonitored e-mail address.
We are unable to respond to any replies sent to this e-mail address.

If you continue to have access problems or want to report other issues, please Contact Us.

2006 Microsoft Corporation.

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