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522. CCBill

Dear customer!
   We are unable to obtain payment from the credit card on file for your FashionShop account. Your credit card company returned the following error to us:

The Overdraft Exceed

Please contact your credit card company to resolve this matter, or log into your account now to change your credit card information.
(See your account details in attachment)

Order details:

Date: 01/19/06
Order number is: 1185501

You have ordered the following:


RING 1 1170.80
RING 2 850.70
Setup fee 29.00

+VAT 14.52
Total in GBP: 2065.02

If your charges are not approved within two weeks, your account will automatically close.

We value your business, and hope you act quickly to keep your FashionShop account. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, and for being a member of the world's leading jewellers shop service.

FashionShop Billing Service.


Thank you for choosing CCBill as the eMerchant for your subscription!

attachement pic file1185.exe (5.6 KB)

The bogus bill comes with an executable file which probably contains a virus.

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