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516. Paul Coon
Subject: looking for new jobs in 2006


The answer is simple - get a new paper qualification!

Are you facing difficulties getting a new job or promotion for a higher salary?

Are you facing the hash realities of life that no body wants to employ anyone without paper proof to show for his/her experience or field of knowledge?

If you have experience in any field or informal training and you need a paper qualification to show for it, why not consider Fast Track Degree program!

This program is intended for people with experience and do not want to go back to school but need a formal certification to show for their experience when applying for a new job or promotion.

With our connection and strong ties with some Non-Accredited private colleges in the USA, Canada and the UK, we can help you to obtain the relevant paper qualifications - College Diploma, Associates Degree, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate that displays to all what you really can do.

In USA today, as it is in most other countries, employers don?t give a damn on whether you obtain your qualifications from a private non-accredited college or accredited public school, provided you can do the job.

There is no examination involved but basic telephone interview to verify your current credentials. If you qualified for the degree or diploma you are seeking for, you will receive it within 14 days after the interview.

What are you waiting for? There is no cost involved to complete our evaluation form and you have nothing to lose by visiting our web site to find out more. KClick here to complete the form.


Honorary Awards can also be granted for the purpose of honoring those who exemplify the ideals of Higher Education through their significant achievements and contributions to business and society in their respective geographic area. For a Doctorate or Masters of Business Administration, a previous university education MAY NOT BE REQUIRED for persons with extensive experience in any field related to civil service, business administration, management, finance, healthcare, military, etc.


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