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502. Harrisson Goodman
Subject: Greeting from Harrisson Goodman


My name is Fred Harrisson Goodman and I am a 16 years old boy from Dominican Republic but in Ghana My Parents died in a car crash and ever since then I have been living with my Step Mum and her family in Ghana. I am the only child of Mr. & Mrs. Goodman who are my parents. They died last two years Jan 12th 2003. They were both going to a for diner party with our driver when they came to Ghana for Holidays then they had the car accident on there way coming home.

When I was told of this accident the next day I cried and cried until my Step Mum said that she promised to talk care of me as her own child. She was treating me nice for a while but sooner She became very cruel to me and I am been partreated. She stopped me from going to school and she doesnt allow me receive phone calls again at home.

The last time I went out to visit my late fathers lawyer with out her permission, she beat me up and she told me never to go out with out her permission again. But on that day when I went to see my fathers Lawyer he told me that he had been searching for me and wanted to discuss with me over some important matters.

He told me that after the death of my parents, he had to go through some files which my father left in his care but his death . My late Father is from a wealthy Dominican Republic family and he owns lots of investments but his biggest investment is his wine farm and estate in Ghana. He inherited it from his late father due to the fact that he was the only child to his Parents.

His lawyer later told me that my father left the sum of a very large deposite in a Financial Institution here in Ghana which he told me the name but I cant remember, on my behalf that the money will only be issued to whoever that will take me as his or child the lawyer told me.He also said that the entire estate and wine farm land will also be inherited by you that takes me as your child.

He asked me if he should tell my Step Mum about this because now the Financial Institution has demanded that he brings forward the Beneficiary of the funds before a specific time but I told him the problem I am having with my Step Mum , how She stave and make me do all the home work and beatings as well.

Then asked me what and who do I have in mind that I think can take me as his or her child and claim my inheritance and that he will give to you the necessary documents to help claim the money and estate as well.

Please I am begging you in the name of the Almighty that help me be my parents as I am going through hell everyday that I wake in my Step Mums home and I cry every morinig pray that a helper will come some day to rescues me. I will give to you every information you need to help you take me from my Step Mum and with the help of my fathers lawyer all will be well. I donít have a phone number of my own since my Step Mum stopped me from receiving calls at home but I will try and get a number which you can call me on but for now you can write me on my email address (


Harrisson Goodman

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